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Closet Mistress

Hello, Babes!
Have a Look at my accessories & customised shoes.
Accesories are mainly Japan & Korea designs
What are you WAITING for? ;D
Grab Yours NOW!♥
Happy Shopping♥!!!
I Shopping :D
You deserve to shine ;)
Find Yumiko

Yumiko ゆみこ

Email me!<3 : Click Here

Terms & Conditions

1. Please allow 10 working days for me to have your items stock in.
2. No cancellation of orders after confirmation
3. We will not be responsible for lost normal postage items
4. We will send an email to inform you after items are mailed out
5. Goods sold are non-refundable
6. Account no. will be given through email after orders are confirmed
7. Meet up will be at Ang Mo Kio/ Kovan/ Hougang MRT. Further charges for other places.
8. Please wait patiently for the items to arrive.
9. Once item arrived, we will contact our customers as soon as possible.
10. MIA-ING will be blacklisted.
11. All information given to us will be kept confidential.
12. We reserved the right to amend the terms & conditions without further notice.


1. No Payments = No Orders
2. We only accept transfer to POSB account,other banks will not be accepted.
3. If you can't pay by bank transfer,we will arrange for meet up payment. 1st time for payment, 2nd for goods collection
4. Once the order is submitted, Please make your payment within THREE days
5. Please notice us once you transfer.
6. Meet up at our convenience is free of charge! COOL!
7. Meet up at other places from charged $1-$3 accordingly
8. Normal Postage: $1
9. Registered Postage: $2.50 onwards
10.Prices are Non-negotiable
10.You are not allowed to cap with different accessories to reach quota unless stated

Order Form

Email Address:
Contact number:
Item Code/s: (pls put a comma in between items if u buying more than 1)
Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer
Meet Up/Cash
Mode of Collection: Meet up (AMK mrt)
Meet up (Lakeside mrt)
Meet up (Hougang mrt)
Meet up (Others, fill up next qns)
Normal Postage ($1)
Registered Postage ($2.50 onwards)
Other place:
Address: (if you opt for Postage)

Comments & Enquiries

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

♥ Shop till you drop ! ♥

DEAR Blogshoppers!!

Yumiko-Empire Blogshop has MOVED!! =DD

New Link: http://welcome2pinkave.blogspot.com

Hope this link helps you to remember this pink blogshop easily!! =DD

You're Shopping @

10:03 PM

Monday, September 14, 2009

♥ Shop till you drop ! ♥


Customised Shoes!

Besides selling accessories, YUMIKO-EMPIRE also promoting hand painted shoes! ♥

It started off as an interest for painting on personal shoes, follow by relatives & friends and NOW to people around who appreciate our designs, our effort and time that have been put into every single pair.

In our following blog posts, we will try to put up as many pictures for viewing or as for your reference.

We have a 100++ designs for you to choose from! =D

How to SHOP! ♥


Finished product color may not be accomplish as shown, colours may be different due to the photo taking or we may change the tone of the colour slightly without prior notice.

Upon confirmation & payment, the product will be sent out approximately about 10 days.

Please excuse us if shipment delay occurs as we are preparing a fresh pair of shoe for you.

Confirmation for shoe order are not exchangeble nor refundable.

Shoe Price

- $33 for ladies canvas shoe with straps (white shoe)

- $35 for ladies canvas shoe with straps (black shoe)

- $42 for unisex shoe with shoe lace

Additional Charges for Add-ons

- Additional $2 for names/dates

- Additional $2 for colour base

- Additional $2 for lace (black/white)

- Additional $2.50 per pcs for Charms

- Additional $1.50 per side for Ribbon

- Additional $3 for your own design

Bring-Your-Own Stuff to add on

- Service Charge is applicable


- Free-of-Charge upon my convenience

- Free-of-Charge at Hougang/ AMK/ Kovan Mrt Stations

- Additional $1-$3 will be charged accordingly for other places

- Additional $3 or more for registered postage

Please email us at yumiko-empire@live.com.sg for your order! =D

Please tell us

1) Shoe type
2) Shoe size
3) Picture name/ give us preferred design picture
4) Any Add-ons
5) Any colour base
6) Meet up for collection or registered mail

Note: If you are unsure of your shoe size or any design you want us to be more specific, please feel free to meet up with us. Just drop us an email to let us know when you want to meet-up.

Before meeting, please put a deposit of $2* via Bank Transfer.

POSB a/c: 209-31924-1

Let us know when you have transferred the money.

Please retain your bank receipt after bank transfer.

*This $2 desposit is refundable if any order is made.

Shoe Types & Sizes

White Shoe- Range size 27 to 40
Black Shoe- Range size 36 to 40
Unisex Shoe- Range size 35 to 45

An example of a completed white shoe design!

An example of a completed unisex shoe design!

♥Proudly brought to you by YUMIKO-EMPIRE.BLOGSPOT.COM

you deserve to shine :)

You're Shopping @

3:16 PM

Sunday, September 13, 2009

♥ Shop till you drop ! ♥

Customised shoes with your NAMES!♥

♥Yumiko Empire

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11:04 PM

♥ Shop till you drop ! ♥

Customised Shoes~ ♥


Aladdin- Magic Pot



Boy at Beach

Bear with love


Biscuits & Cookies

Boy & Girl- Tree

Boy & Girl- Swing (black series)

Boy & Girl- Car



Cat & Dog




Colour Pencils


Cow & Sheep

Cow & Rabbit


Cat & Dog (blue series)


Elephant & Mouse



Floral Design

Flower (multi-colours)

Flower (pink & yellow)

Floral Girl

♥Yumiko Empire

You're Shopping @

8:22 PM